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The Importance Of A Responsive Website

The days when people used to check their web pages only from their computers are over. Find out why a responsive design is key if you want people to stay on your page.

Responsive Web Design:

The concept of responsive web design is related to designing, developing, coding and ordering a website in such a way as to ensure an optimal viewing and browsing experience for users of all devices, starting from a mobile device to huge computer screens. Minimal displacements, panoramic views, size adjustments and simpler navigation of a receptive design allows a website to be viewed in almost the same arrangement across multiple devices of different screen sizes.

So, the basic idea is that when a website is receptive by nature, all UI elements, audio and video players, images, texts, screen layouts, navigation elements and other display elements will automatically be re-adjusted to Different screen sizes to give all users almost the same viewing experience.

Why a responsive web design is important

The arrival of smartphones, tablets and ultra-modern devices has brought a revolutionary change in the way people have access to the internet today. Recent studies show that almost 91% of all US residents now use mobile devices and that 67% of them are more likely to buy online from a website that is friendly with mobile devices. The most important thing is that more than 21% of the total traffic that leads the e-commerce sites now comes from smartphones and tablets. So you can more easily understand how a friendly receptive website with mobile devices can help your online business grow.


The design and development budget of a responsive website may seem larger than that of traditional websites. But, a true fact is that when you are building a responsive website you do not need to develop or maintain different versions of the site (for example a mobile version). As a result, you are in fact limiting your budget and keeping the cost for the longest period of time thus reducing the total cost of ownership.

Response to the trend:

The latest trend is on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. At the beginning of 2013, the only screen resolution average number was 232, which has increased in 2018 to 720 and full HD. So your visitors will be visiting your online business website using all this screen resolution of 720 and full HD and if you really you want to respond to your concerns there is no other alternative than responsive web design. You can use your analysis tool to find out which devices are the most used to visit your site.

User Experience:

Content is always considered to be the king and that is why the ability of the content of your website to be discovered is crucial. If the design of your website is not presented properly in different screen sizes, then visitors will not have a visualization and optimal browsing experience and this will surely affect the performance of your site. So a responsive web design is a must to ensure a positive and appropriate user experience.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to be receptive!


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