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How To Keep Your Business’s Social Media Fresh and Active

During unprecedented times, it can seem difficult to relate to your audience on social media. While following trends and hashtags can help keep you informed on relevant conversations happening, it still does not make it clear on how to effectively project your company’s personality. The presence of the global pandemic has created many blanks in the business aspect of social media. With all of the uncertainty and pause on normal routines, social media in general lacked events and content to promote, talk about, sell, etc. The business world cannot shut down, though and must find ways to adapt to the new wants and needs of consumers; especially when social media encompasses such a large scope of a brand’s identity and communication with its audience.

So how does one keep things interesting and have content to give to followers when there is a lack of activity going on in the world? We have some ideas to help with that. The first step is prioritizing safety and being conscientious of the factors effecting your audience. Maintaining a level of transparency in this area will ultimately make or break the productiveness of your efforts to interact on socials.

1. Always update followers on any changes of hours of operation or availability. This is the first step in being transparent with your audience. A successful business will never leave their audience guessing, especially when it comes to their access to consumers. In a situation where a store front may be closed temporarily like many were during quarantine, information on hours of operation must include delivery options, shipping updates, and possibly even an overall update on website forums to ensure there are no crashes and access is compatible with the increased traffic.

2. Cultivate fun lists of topics that would be relatable to your audience. Just because you are a business does not mean everything you post has to be business. It can pay off to take time away from promoting and selling to simply draw attention and create a connection to nurture relationships with potential consumers rather than simply focusing on old/current ones. Tips for reducing stress at home, five exercises to a home try if you have no equipment, fun recipes, and other categories like this can help your audience to want to engage with your company and showcases it is fun and an in-touch brand.

3. Give your audience the chance to engage with your brand, rather than just looking at it. Creating polls on stories of your products, content from an influencer associated with your brand, or simply something fun in pop culture that shares a similar theme with your company are great ways to make your content more intriguing. Popular TV shows, movies, musicians, outfit styles, or anything relevant to your target market that come across as tone deaf nor shine a negative light on your brand is a great route to take in achieving this goal. Simple Q&A’s are also an option for bringing traffic to your page and can be a productive substitute for the average informative post on a feed about general updates on your company. Live Streams on Facebook and Instagram is another area to present your company as engaged, proactive, and personable; all good things to be as a company in times of uncertainty.


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