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How To Approach Building An Email Database That Is Strategic and Beneficial

If you thought utilizing email as a strategic marketing and communication tool was out of date, think again. Not only are email lists used more than ever, the ways in which business are forming their databases and emphasizing the opportunities through their email content are unique and goal based. Building a strong email database may take time and some adjusting along the way to ensure the addresses are an active, loyal audience, but if you’re willing to get creative, there is an ample amount of potential in email based marketing.

When growing your email database, it is advantageous to focus your efforts to a target audience. While your goal may always be to focus on a specific demographic, organic methods are not only cost effective, but ensure the prioritization of this targeted population. Having a strong foundation for your email database can increase site and store traffic, the consumption and use of products, and ultimately, allows you to be proactive in maintaining current consumers.

In order to take advantage of the beneficial aspects of email databases, it is important to acquire a collection of names and email addresses organically. This pretty much means that you gain your database of email addresses in any way besides actually purchasing them. While purchasing addresses can be the more instantaneous way to build your email list, there are other positive results that come with organic methods of building your email database.

A common occurrence that you may see on social media platforms such as Instagram are viral competitions or giveaways. While these can be fun and seem like a great way to get involved with a company, product, or even a favorite influencer, this is a prime opportunity for that business to acquire addresses. Not only is this a sure-fire way to increase your email list, but this method causes a great amount of intrigue and exposure for the company or brand. Something as simple as offering extra entries can increase the desire to enter, while also increasing the exposure even further. For example, if you refer or include friends in a sponsored influencer giveaway by tagging those friends’ accounts on Instagram, not only are they now seeing the promotional event, usually it will require them to follow the brand or influencer, ultimately leading them to enter the contest themselves.

The ability to collect addresses through similar methods allows the business to know that it is resonating from an audience that is targeted specifically for the product and therefore, are tagging or sharing with friends that most likely share similar interests. A strong name and address list will include people that show interest in your brand, have visited the site, or have purchased products in the past. To capitalize on the potential customers who visit your and are purchasing items, is to make them want to give you their email upon entering the store’s site. The simplest way to encourage the site visitor to do this is by offering them the promise that they will be up-to-date on promotional events, discounts on first time purchases, and new/upcoming products. A vital aspect of this method is to ensure you are giving the option to opt-out of the email subscription pop-up box. Customers or potential customers do not want to feel cornered or forced to provide their information; simply encourage them to come to you.

The benefit of utilizing your email database is the ability to focus your message to your target audience as well as the doing so in a cost-effective way. If you and your business have a goal and an idea of where to find the appropriate audience, forming an email database may be the right approach in achieving a successful marketing strategy.


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