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What Are The Functions Of A Digital Marketing Consultant?

What Are The Functions Of A Digital Marketing Consultant?

Generation of contents to attract potential clients

Content is the King, and therefore, planning and the generation of content according to marketing objectives is fundamental. Although the generation of content can be one of the most tedious tasks regarding time spent, any good digital marketing consultant must be willing to do so, to subsequently form a team that follows their steps and instructions.

Automation of internal and external processes for customer acquisition and management

Optimizing time is another function of a marketing consultant, and that is why we give so much importance to the automation of all kinds of processes, both internal for correct flow of work and communication, and external to the public. And, knowing how to use resources correctly in favor of profitability is one of the major pending issues in the field of online marketing today.

Realization and presentation of marketing proposals for potential clients

Capturing new clients is one of the main functions of a consultant. In the world of digital marketing, there have been many "sell fumes," which is why it is so difficult to value your work at times. However, it is essential not to fall into the temptation of making commercial proposals that are too complete, with the strategic work practically done. It is important that we do not give away our work as consultants and experts because we will take away their value.

Training of clients and teams

A consultant enters a company as an advisor and not as an executor of actions. In order to maximize your time and get the company to start shooting as soon as possible based on their strategies, it is essential to address a stage of training of different teams that may come into play: management, marketing, production, distributors, etc.

Audits and marketing reports in digital media

Complete analysis of the current state of the company in the field of digital media, and complete it with periodic reports that can demonstrate improvement, is another function of a consultant who must perform with the objective not only to show the fruits of his but also to optimize the strategies put in place.

Design of strategic plans, manuals, processes and work resources for clients

Strategies for capturing leads, inbound marketing, content marketing, SEO, social networks. All these elements should be integrated into a strategic plan that includes the processes, resources, equipment, and functions, with their corresponding work manuals for its subsequent implementation.

Implementations and supervision of implementation in clients

Once we have the strategies integrated into an action plan with all the necessary resources, it is important to carry out a correct implementation and supervision of it. In this last phase, new problems can be detected that can be solved and incorporated into an improvement of our strategic plans.


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