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Creating Better Content

In a world with a vast amount of content being shared in so many ways, it can be difficult to stand out and stay relevant. A key factor in maximizing your content productivity is to be consistent. Whether you’re posting on a blog or to Instagram and Facebook, your audience will gravitate towards a more dependable and coherent presence. All online content has different purposes, voices, and ways of connecting with their audience, but if your goal is to generally create better content or enhance your current strategy, there are three main areas to consider. Along with the overall rule of being consistent in whatever you choose to post, three tips to improve your content are to plan ahead, listen to your audience, and share content from others.

Plan ahead. This can mean many things, but ideally when talking about your presence online, it generally refers to staying aware of the calendar. In terms of consistency, it could be advantageous to use the calendar by prioritizing certain days of the week to post and be active. Organizing posts could be the strategic use of time, days, or even how you utilize the different forms of dispersing content depending on the level of traffic on a platform. Paying attention to holidays, special events, or happenings in pop culture could also be beneficial to the quality of your content as this showcase a high level of involvement and intent to your posting strategy.

Listen to your audience. Sometimes the best research is being curated and presented right on your feed by the source itself. Paying attention to how your followers interact as well as what they’re liking, posting, and hashtagging can give you the most accurate inclination to what your content should include. Doing your research can also include looking into what other names in the industry are doing or areas online that are generating a lot of buzz; what about the content is capturing that attention? Don’t forget to simply look into what’s happening within your own page like what posts receive the most likes, are stories being interacted with, etc.

Share content and connect with others. The goal is to have great content, but there’s always room for improvement. While things can appear competitive online at times, there is no way to have the best or “perfect” content so you might as well be open to other accounts. If anything, sharing other content and being interactive with other brands, professionals, or influencers can show great diversity within your own content as well as provide a more fresh and positive tone for your page.


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