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Back to College- Tips for a Career Focused Year

All students are heading back to school come August or September, including those who are starting college or returning to their secondary education. No matter your age or place in life, there will be new adaptations for the upcoming year. It may be especially difficult for current professionals that are pursuing an additional degree, since they have not experienced the world of online learning, which we may be returning to quite soon. Health professionals are not sure what to expect in terms of Covid-19 and how it will impact universities this year, but it is still important to remain focused on your education and career.

Below are some tips that will allow for students and professionals to improve their educational experience, for both in person and online students.

  1. Schedule Smart: Before classes officially begin, understand your class schedule and how it can complement other opportunities. Know which classes are online, hybrid, and in-person. Then, schedule your other life priorities. This may include personal ventures, such as family, friends, or hobbies. But also think about internships, networking events, work, and how you learn most effectively. Students of all ages can forget how to apply what you learn in a classroom to worldly opportunities, which means growing your current career.

  2. Internships: Be aware of your school’s internship opportunities, and start researching potential roles early. Learn about different types of companies, internships, and workplace settings. Figuring out which internship will enhance your career is also dependent on whether or not you would like to be in-person, and if you need to be paid for your labor. For some students, earning a paid internship is not a necessity. But for others, a paid internship is the only possibility to pursue a degree. You can add this need to your Linkedin profile, and be sure to tell potential explorers that you will need the internship to be paid before beginning the interview process.

  3. Networking: It does not matter what your major is or what stage of life you are in; making connections with as many people as you can will be a contributor to your success. This includes students, professors, guest speakers, and even involvement and career fairs. Make an effort to come early, introduce yourself, and start a conversation.

  4. Studying Habits: You may already know your studying habits and what works for you, but those habits may be out of practice. Students have majorly experienced online learning within the past year and a half, which means they have not been studying the same. Most professors decided to make their assessments open-note, since there is no guarantee students will not cheat. Other students are returning to school after a hiatus, perhaps to finish their education or pursue another degree. Either way, students are most likely out of practice with their studying habits. There are plenty of quizzes online that help students understand what method works for them. Also, keep in mind where you can effectively study. Certain school areas may be closed or have limited capacity (such as the library), so it is recommended to be aware of where and how you will be able to study.

  5. Online Experiences: Students, professors, and leaders have tried to get creative within the last year in order to give effective presentations online. But it can be hard for one to learn how to create an impressive virtual experience when you are not taught how. By now, most of us have learned the power of screen sharing, visually appealing presentations, and breakout rooms when giving a presentation online. To further improve the look of your presentation, utilize sites like Canva. On Canva, students can easily create a professional, creative presentation. It offers free pictures without copyright, endless presentation templates, and slide recommendations.

Remember, everyone is currently living through unprecedented times and no one can predict when there will be a true conclusion. So college students must be aware of all safety procedures and rules as they change. Some may believe that this pandemic is over, but understand the rules of your campus and maintain a safe environment.

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