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5 Errors When Doing SEO That You Should Avoid

When you create a blog or a web page, many times you are dedicated to creating content "crazy" without worrying much about how you are developing such content from the point of view of SEO, something that will be essential if you want a large number of users to reach your content. Some errors when doing SEO that are very common but that you can control by following very simple guidelines.

1) Bad image optimization

Each time you insert an image in a post or a page, you must follow some very simple guidelines to optimize SEO and benefit the positioning of your post or page. Let's see the most important ones:

- Tell Google what are the dimensions of your image, since it is a fact that interests you, and the easier you put things to Google, the more you will appreciate your content. Simply indicate the width and height, and that's it.

- Do not forget to define the ALT or Alternative Text label. It's the only way Google has to know what your image is about. Once again, you must include the keyword.

2) Create many pages for the same keyword

Undoubtedly one of the mistakes when making SEO more usual. Although it might seem otherwise, this is very detrimental to the SEO of your website. If you want to position a keyword, focus on making a spectacular page for it, instead of wasting time making many pages without good content. If you do not follow this advice to the letter, Google will not know which of all the pages is more important, and possibly penalize you by determining that none of them is really important. This is what is known as "cannibalization of keywords".

3) Excessive use of labels

The idea is to group all the content of your website or blog in the least number of possible labels, making the user find what they are looking for in the shortest possible time. If you give a lot of labels to a certain post, you will be duplicating contents, by creating a large content of pages that only contain that post.

4) Misusing the titles

Another mistake when doing SEO is to misuse the titles. Above all, you should avoid using the same title on different pages, something that is quite common when working with tags or WordPress categories. It's another way to create duplicate content for search engines. In addition, it uses the HTML tags "H1" and "H2" for the main title and for the sub-sections respectively. This will indicate that the content of your post or page is well structured.

5) Use underscores in URLs

Sometimes you can find URLs that contain underscores instead of hyphens. An error that you should avoid and is that you will end up being penalized from the point of view of SEO. If you have already made the mistake, you can always rename the different URLs. The search engines will take it into account.

As you can see, these are not complex methods that are difficult to apply, but rather "tricks" that if you get used to them, you will notice an important improvement in the positioning of your website. Avoid making these mistakes when making SEO optimization. The search engines will thank you.


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