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// business consulting.

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Between our team of Industry Professionals and our Partners & Affiliates, we have over 100 years of Experience in Consulting, Marketing and Professional Services.

Daniel James Consulting offer services in customized packages or a la carte - so regardless of the task at hand, you can be assured you will be covered correctly, effectively and efficiently, the first time; bringing your business precisely what it needs to thrive in ever-evolving markets.

• Efficiency Measurement

• Training & Coaching

• Talent Acquisition & Management

• Voice-over Talent

• Human Resource Outsourcing

• Business & Marketing Plans

• CAD (Computer Aided Design & Drafting)

• Floor Plans & Design

• Confidential Documentation Management

• Technology Management

• Systems Security

• Technology Implementation

• Hardware Application

• Cost Consolidation Plans 

• Account Management

• Product Cost & Pricing Analysis

• Corporate Compliance

• Licensure Acquisition Assistance

• Regulatory Compliance Advisement

• Industry-Specific Startup Requirement Advisement

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// efficiency measurement.

  • As a full service consulting firm, Daniel James prioritizes productivity and the assurance of positive and profitable results.

  • Through an overview of your company’s current situation, we will conduct an efficiency analysis to ensure that as our client, the level of total input is justified with a useful output.

  • Our job is to assist you in utilizing internal and external resources to optimize costs and time, ultimately achieving the best possible product output based on profitability and progress.

  • Our creative and experienced team are able to direct and lead your business in the direction needed for a progressive and positive product.

  • After an analysis of the current dynamic and output of your team, we will be able to optimize your company’s visual and physical elements to ensure proactivity, a functioning environment, and ultimately successful results for you and your company.


// training & coaching.


// talent acquisition & management.

  • Daniel James Consulting will identify the skills that are needed to be filled within your organization.

  • We will then aid in acquiring the skilled workers that will meet your company’s needs as well as ensuring a strong management style and strategy are present for a proactive and successful outcome and work ethic.

  • Daniel James Consulting will be able to obtain and handle any HR function needed by your company.

  • Through our years of experience, we will be able to provide your company with the necessary HR skills and successfully manage any tasks at hand.


// human resource outsourcing.


// business & marketing plans.

  • Daniel James Consulting will be able to obtain and handle any HR function needed by your company.

  • Through our years of experience, we will be able to provide your company with the necessary HR skills and successfully manage any tasks at hand.

  • Our team innovative and unique team will be able to create or modify any needed aspects of your business.

  • Based on your current layout and layout goals, level of appeal, intrigue, and complexity, we will curate and develop a plan for a productive and appealing space.


// floor plans & design.

Accounting Documents

// confidential document management.

  • Daniel James Consulting understands the importance of your company’s security and privacy, which is why we are able to appropriately manage proper confidentiality processes.

  • Defining and enforcing who and what is authorized to know or act within your organization is an important step to take for the future of your business and we can make sure that it managed effectively.

  • Daniel James Consulting is up-to-date and skilled in technology services needed for your organization.

  • Depending on the type or business and your specific needs, we will analyze and develop a strategic plan to utilize the technical aspects for your business.

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// technology management.


// systems security.

  • Daniel James Consulting is aware of the risks that come with the use of technical systems and therefore, prioritizes your systems security.

  • Our well-rounded knowledge and technical experience allows us to not only counteract potential security breaches, but prevent them based on our analysis of channels where risk may occur throughout your company.

  • With an overall analysis of your organizations current utilization of technology and goals, we will be able to incorporate the use of technical aspects necessary for achieving the best possible result.

  • We will achieve the most successful and efficient technology implementation through developing projects and strategies that will ensure ideal use of technology systems within your company.

Computer Programming

// technology implementation.

Computer Office Work

// hardware application.

  • Daniel James Consulting is well-versed in the use and maintenance of all computer elements involved in the application of hardware.

  • The machinery and equipment needed for optimal digital functions for your organization will be applied appropriately.

  • Daniel James Consulting is dedicated to your company and achieving your goals at a reasonable rate.

  • We will construct cost consolidation plans that will allow you to receive all aspects of our full service developing system at a rate that similarly encourages the prosperity of your business.

  • Through conduction a pricing analysis, we will be sure to deliver low and beneficial product costs with the availability packages developed based on your company’s wants and needs.  


// cost consolidation plans, product cost & pricing analysis.

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// account management.

  • Our job is to provide your business with the elements it needs to achieve greater results and with our full service management function we can do just that.

  • Along with social media accounts, we will be able to curate, design, and develop the necessary aspects to all accounts designated to your company in order to establish cohesiveness and credibility.

  • Daniel James Consulting will assist your company in making sure that internal policies and procedures are covered and being exercised.

  • After a thorough review your company, we will be able to ensure that as our client, we are helping to detect and prevent violations internally and externally.


// compliance.


// industry specific startup requirements.

  • Our consulting services cover a wide range of clients and this includes clients with startups and those looking to build their business.

  • We understand the necessary steps and requirements needed for a successful business when starting from the ground up, we would like to assist you in making that process more efficient, financially beneficial, and easier all while you remain in control of YOUR business.

  • Daniel James Consulting is here to manage aspects such as exposure, branding, platform usage, content creation, design, as well as advisement in your strategy and overall business plan ensuring it is reaching the expectations for your specific industry.


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