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Software Spotlight: Blue Social

Networking is everything in today’s professional world, but it can be a hassle to exchange information at conferences or meetings. It seems impossible to get everyone’s contact information, and then we often forget about that important business card we stuffed into our suit pocket. Blue Social, a contactless networking software, has found an innovative solution to these problems. By focusing on the typical networking issues of the professional world, this platform allows users to easily connect with those in close proximity. Simply download the app and get started.

Share your professional information and social media profiles with the click of a button, even if your friend or colleague doesn’t have Blue yet. It’s a free, mobile app that includes your contact information for on-the-go networking. The best part is that the app isn’t only for professional networking. Blue was also designed for those who are just hanging out with friends and want to share their number and social media profile. This platform recognizes how much effort we go through when passing our phones to a group of friends so that everyone can install their own information. Then, we each hunt each other down on social media. Blue Social makes this entire process seamless.

Blue Social offers significant, yet simple features that are user-friendly. All you have to do is be willing to break the ice, and this doesn’t even have to be face-to-face. Send a direct notification to the person you would like to connect with, and this will automatically let them know that you want to meet.

Discover Mode: Blue utilizes smartphone technology by allowing users to connect with others with Bluetooth Low Energy, as long as they are within 150 feet of each other.

Link Platforms: You can connect your social media profiles or other important information by using the Blue Link Store. Connect Instagram, Linkedin, a personal website, your platform, ect.

Insight Abilities: When using the app, you can view significant analytics and insights. View the number of views, profile visits, links tapped and saved contact information. They also have geographical insights to show users where other Blue users are.

CRM Integration: Blue offers professionals the ability to integrate saved contact information to your CRM platform, Gmail, Excel, and more.

Engage and Interact: This software platform doesn’t only apply to individual networking; it also allows users to check in to events or find local connections. At your specific event, engage with exhibitions, booths, or food trucks.

Go paperless and throw those old business cards away, even for those who do not have Blue. Instead, try out Blue’s QR Code technology. Pull up your code, and allow for your connection to scan and find all of your information in one place. They can save your number, follow you on social media, and check out your website without ever downloading the app. When you are ready to have a further conversation, they will be able to see your name when you call.

If you would like to unlock more features, then you can purchase Blue Pro. You can integrate more than 3,000 apps, including Salesforce and Excel. This software addition can help you reach your networking competition with more advanced profile options and helpful analytics. Share content on social media, send leads with a quick message and send notifications to your coworkers. Blue Pro is certainly the professional app of the future.

If you still appreciate having a physical business card on you, consider the Blue Smart Card. It’s a one-time purchase of $19.95, and you will have an updateable business card forever. Users simply need to tap the card to a Smartphone, and the other person will view their details instantly. Blue is a safe, easy, and fast way to share and network.


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