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The Importance Of A Good Design Of Your Website

Is a well-designed website important? Without a doubt, the answer is YES.

Why You Should Have A Good Website

Users go online to search for products and services and must decide between hundreds or thousands of websites. Given so much choice, the time they spend on one page or another is decided in a few seconds. That's where good web design comes into play. It is the moment that we have to retain them. The competition is just a click away.

The First Impression Is What Counts

Good web design has a very positive impact on potential customers. The main objective of your website is to clearly and simply show your message to potential customers or users. A good website must convey quality through:

• Organized and clean presentation.

• Good use of the color palette.

• Easy to read text blocks.

• Fast loading of the page.

• Useful and easy to use and navigate.

• Quickly adaptable to users.

Here are the most important points to consider in your design:


There is a very revealing fact and that is that 40% of Internet users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.


Do not make the mistake of loading the page with many menus, sub-menus, search boxes, tag clouds, social media buttons everywhere. Try to be clean and simple.

Call to action

Once you have gotten the client to enter your website, I tried to guide you towards the action or objective that we intend on the site. Do not drive him crazy.


Try to organize the content logically and simply. All pages and sections must be relevant, have a specific function and provide value. Do not contain broken links or with a destination other than the one specified in your statement, it gives a bad impression.


The colors you choose greatly affect the presentation of your website. Select color combinations that offer a good contrast so that each letter is easy to distinguish. Do not use many colors. Choose clear backgrounds and dark letters, avoiding black backgrounds or with very strong colors since they tire the eyes a lot.


Use letters with an appropriate size; neither very small nor very large. Do not use very innovative letters that may end up against you because they are not very legible and do not show the same style of your brand. Be consistent in the use of the same typography for the entire web.

Images and animations

Do not use images with movement, or animations. Try to look for images in professional banks that will greatly facilitate your work and give the site professional appearance and quality.


Be consistent in the design of a site. All the pages of a site must follow a line: use the same color, the same typography, the same menu bar, etc. Do not change from one page to another as it gives the customer a feeling that the web is made to scraps or that they are different websites. Verify that all pages look the same.


Daniel James Consulting is a Full-Service Business Consulting Firm based in New York that designs solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve continued success by designing, developing and implementing plans, metrics and platforms, be it a one-man operation, non-profit, startup or large organization. Our packaged solutions or a la carte selections include Website Design, Marketing & Advertising, Search Engine Positioning, and Graphic Design. Business Management Solutions are also available for companies of all sizes.

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