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Five Practical Tips For An Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing plays an important role in modern day advertisement and promotion of businesses. It helps to bring a business' products and services to its potential customers. Each day, millions of people visit different digital platforms for varying purposes. Any business without an online presence will definitely be missing out on a big opportunity to expand its customer base, improve sales and build a better brand.

A digital marketing campaign is not only beneficial to businesses but also customers. It offers customers an opportunity to review and research a company's service and products, and also allows them to connect with these businesses in real-time.

Below are five practical tips for an effective digital marketing campaign;

1. Determine your audience:

The first step towards an effective digital marketing campaign is to determine your audience. Who is your target audience? Are you producing goods for females or for males? Are they for the younger generation or for the older generation? The knowledge of who your audience is will help you to know how they think, where they can be found, what catches their attention etc?

2. Determine the appropriate social media channels:

After you have identified your target audience next is to identify the appropriate social media channel to connect with them. It is important to note that all social media channels are not the same and not all can be relevant to your brand for connecting with your target audience. LinkedIn, for instance, is a social media platform for business owners and professionals, who majorly are above 45 years of age. Instagram, on the other hand, is a photo-sharing mobile app that is apt for visual-related businesses and the majority of its users are the younger generation. Each platform has its own pros and cons.

3. Map out customer journey:

For an effective digital marketing campaign, you have to map out customer sales journey. This will give you a good understanding of the customer's journey and help you to make it better right from the awareness stage to the actual purchase. While the initial awareness stage should be about giving customers general information about product, service or company, the decision-making stage (actual purchase) will require giving information about service delivery, testimonials, and sales support.

4. Use engaging images:

Although this may not be applicable in all cases, for a more effective digital marketing campaign it is important to use them when applicable. Scientifically, the brain is known to process, and retain images, faster than text. Therefore, when possible show your customers how your products can be used or the transformative benefits of your products.

5. Set goals and track activity:

It is easy to get carried away during any digital marketing campaign, therefore, it is important to set goals. This will act as a guide for you so can know what you aim to achieve; increased sales, improve brand awareness, increase customer base?

Also, there is a need to invest in performance measuring tools, this can help to track the performance of your campaign while comparing it with your overall goals.


Daniel James Consulting is a Full-Service Business Consulting Firm based in New York that designs solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve continued success by designing, developing and implementing plans, metrics and platforms, be it a one-man operation, non-profit, startup or large organization. Our packaged solutions or a la carte selections include Website Design, Marketing & Advertising, Search Engine Positioning, and Graphic Design. Business Management Solutions are also available for companies of all sizes.

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