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Advertising on Pinterest

When you think of Pinterest the words recipes, DIY, and fashion might be some things that come to mind. What about the word advertising? Pinterest’s platform is capable of more than simply allowing users to pin seasonal crafts and 30 minute recipes to their boards. While this is a very important action that users will take while on the road to discovering your business’ page or trending pin, there needs to be a higher level of proactive interaction beforehand — this is where strategic targeting within your ads comes into play. When a user opens the Pinterest app or website, they are exposed to various products and services based on things they may have pinned in the past or something they actively came to Pinterest to search for and whatever that may be, a business has the opportunity to present that product or service in a very unique and accessible way. Luckily, Pinterest has a strong content optimization system which — if used properly — can benefit your business by allowing you to curate ads based off targeting keywords, consistencies amongst compatible profiles, and overall trends.

Unlike ads on other platforms such as google or Facebook, Pinterest ads are exposed to a unique audience that has a more vulnerable and exploratory purpose while on the site. While Pinterest can be a fun place to save ideas and items, it is also an interesting sector of social media where the audience is not only exposed to, but expects to be shown new things to be drawn to. This aspect is why Pinterest’s ecommerce capabilities are growing at a fast pace allowing it to compete with other commerce related systems like Google Ads and Instagram.

What does this mean? This means that Pinterest has built a foundation of both credibility and accessibility that caused an evolving consumer base. This evolving consumer is more decision-driven and therefore, purchase-driven. Understanding your audience can be the most important thing for a business and in regards to a presence on Pinterest, it can quite literally make or break potential customers from not only buying and/or using your product or service, but finding it at all. The platform is vast and encompasses a wide variety of users, but a commonality is that they are all here to be inspired through the results of their searches which include keywords and topics of interest. An important thing to remember for any business utilizing Pinterest is that in order for users to engage with you, you must first engage with them. A good tip to engagement is to be proactive in finding similar trends first and then connecting said searches to you; pin other finds that seem in the same realm as your product or service, follow other small businesses if you are also a small business owner, interact with posts that share a similar aesthetic, and interact with boards of users that although, may not be a business or of a product, they can relate to you and yours.


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